Monday, March 22, 2010

Biker Bar Action

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Last weekend, DH and I spent 5 hours in a biker bar, listening to our son's band play. Oh, the things parents do to support their "kids." And now I'm wishing there was such a thing as a nose dush to get rid of the constant smoke-smell lingering in my nose.

As the band set up, we went into a side room to claim a table. While there, about 20 bikers piled in. The women started gathering for a photo. Their backs were to us. I thought it would be funny to sneak in and put my face between the ones in the back row. The men were laughing and taking photos. Only a couple of them seemed to notice I was there, and seemed to think it was funny, too. When they were done, I slipped back to our table where I was told "the rest of the story."

What I couldn't see from my angle -- my eyes were on the cameras, mind you -- the women were "flashing" the men.

I really should try to mind my own business. So now, somewhere out there, there are photos of me grinning away behind a group of biker babes. Have I learned my lesson? Will I ever do anything like this again?

Wait. Um... no. I mean, if you ever come across such a photo, it wasn't me... um... yeah. I just made this all up. The photo will have to be dubbed. Yeah. That's it. (yeesh!)

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