Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dogs in Yard Signs

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Walking our neighborhood, there are yards which hold signs near the sidewalk-less road. Two of them read, "Dogs contained by Invisible Fence." Those make sense. But then, one of them reads, "Dog protected by Invisible Fence," which makes one wonder about who walks past from which the dogs need protecting?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Theometer Clock

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Walking around the house on a wet day last week (v.s. walking outside), I found I kept looking out the picture window to the outside thermometer to try to discover how many minutes I'd been at it.

You'd think one time checking the thermometer for time is silly? What about someone who checked it thrice?!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

iPhone Backbend

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With my new iPhone, there are no more lists on scraps of papers. In the grocery store, I can read the list off my iPhone and delete the item when it's in the cart. Simple.

Trouble is, I thought I'd be creative by having my hands free while shopping. That's not the trouble. The trouble is my attempted solution. I sewed a wool case for it. Fits perfectly. No problem there. I bought an eyeglass beaded chain to attach to the case. No problem there. BUT, if I lift the iPhone only partially out of the case with the chain around my neck, I found myself doing back bends in the store, trying to get far enough away to read the items. Only the case moved with me as I attempted to move back away from it. Very embarrassing.

I now carry it in my pocket, and STOP to look at the list.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frozen Car Doors

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A couple of Michigan winters ago, I went to a ballet recital downtown in the freezing rain. When I got back to my car a couple hours later, my car was beautifully frozen over. I chipped the ice off the lock and got it unlocked, but couldn't open the door. I ended up unlocking and crawling in through the hatchback and over the stick shift and finally home to a garage where I reversed the process in order to get out.

My Ontario friend outdid me this year. She got into her car just fine and drove home, but after she pulled into her garage, she couldn't get out. Yep. That old freezing rain bit again. She called on her cell phone for her roommate to unlock the back and crawled over her stick shift and out the back.

Are there flexibility-safety classes teaching the proper way to exit a frozen car? And I wonder: is there freezing rain down in Arizona?