Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Storm

... So I'm walking down our street today, trying to get some good photos of this storm. The ice-covered snow is so thick that my steps don't even crunch through. I took my time, walking with care. Didn't want to slip. I have pictures of icy berries, icy branches, icy forest, icy wires, icy lots of things.

Last night, police sirens kept me awake. They continue going off now and then this morning, too. I imagined all the accidents I'd read about in the past 18 hours. During my 45-minute trek, about five cars passed by, barely traveling faster than I was walking. I thought how foolish they were, driving on ice.

... So I'm in this wooded area, stepping over fallen branches, looking for good shots, when I notice the swaying trees above me. Hmm... 20 mph gusts predicted today... power outages have already happened in the area... with more expected as icy branches take out electrical wires.

I quickly -- but carefully -- waddle my way towards home, praying the branches won't spike me as they fall, wondering just who the foolish person is who is out in this icy weather today.

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