Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's all about the Timing

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May has been crazy. (Anything different from normal? Not so much.) But it seems that instead of blogging, I've given in to other priorities this month. I thought of lots of great funnies to post here the past few weeks. There was this really good one I had for May Day, and another for Mother's Day, and several entries from my son's 3rd grade journal we just re-discovered cracked me up. And that end of the world business? I could have posted lots about that, too. But I let the month keep slip-sliding away. I did end up doing a lot of writing and a lot of yard work, but neither of those were too very giggly to write about here.

ALL THIS brings me to a very important point about humor: timing. I could share a Mother's Day funny here and now, but it wouldn't be nearly as amusing as it would have been then and there.

So... until another day, keep looking for funnies.

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