Monday, May 28, 2012

Painted Tree Roots

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This weekend, my husband and I hiked around Session Lake in Ionia Recreation Area. We visit there once or twice a year. However, this time we noticed a new addition: Neon Orange Painted Tree Roots. They were only on the trail from the campground to the lake... Still... This IS the woods. Why warn people of tree roots amongst trees?

When we turned off from that trail to continue around the lake -- whew -- no more distracting orange paint,when -- you guessed it -- I tripped over a tree root. Both my DH and I pointed to the root, and said the same words at the exact same time: "THAT one should have been painted!"

(With 34 years of marriage celebrated yesterday, one should expect same words at same time. Still... that almost more scary than finding orange tree roots.)

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