Thursday, January 14, 2010

Talking To Plants

I was talking to my plants while I watered them.

Somehow -- I don't really know how it works; I just know it does -- a parent's inner sense notices the silence of a child near or far. My son was about 5 years old, standing behind me. I turned and smiled at him.

There was a long pause before he finally confronted me: "Were you talking to the plants, Mom?"

"Um... yes. But in reality, it's my carbon dioxide which I release with each breath which helps them to live, just like their making oxygen help us humans to live."

I could see his little brain turning these things over in his mind. Then my offspring, the firstborn of my womb, walked up to the shelf of plants. I anticipated him also speaking sweet and kind words to them. He opened his little lips and said, "HAAAAA," breathing over them rather like a water hose.

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