Monday, May 3, 2010

Icon Times Are a'Changing

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I'm feeling old again.

When I was a kid -- don't you HATE that line? I do. -- there was a time when there was a hillbilly icon on each bottle label of Mountain Dew. (And, side-tracking here, we all know what REAL Mountain Dew is, don't we? I can even sing the fun song in a slangy voice:"They call it that good old Mountain Dew. Yahoo! Better not refuse it, or feud. Quite a feud.")

Yesterday, my husband pointed out the new orange guppy as the icon sign for Long John Silvers. When did that switch happen? Trouble is, we remember what that guppy USED to be. Arrrgh. It be a pirate back in dem days, ye scallywags. Maybe that Long John Silvers' done have a visit t' Davey Jones' Locker, and comes up a'lookin' all orange and fish-like. Arrrgh.

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