Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day (one day after)

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I remember May Day as a kid. It was a big deal. We'd make baskets. We'd gather flowers and leave them on our neighbor's steps. And if we were really lucky, with enthused adults, we'd dance a twisted dance in and out, around a May Day Pole. What fun!

I've been feeling old, thinking how much times have changed. For instance, when today I say "pole dancers," it's not quite the same image which pops to mind as when I was a kid (or for people in the 13th century, for that matter). See? Old, old, old.

But in honor of May Day, 2010, yesterday I walked about my yard and took photos of various flowers we have in bloom. So here comes one May Day Flower (azalea) from my e-yard to yours.

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