Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buffy Teen!

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One summer in high school, I worked for my father at his warehouse in downtown Cleveland. A truck was to pick up a large shipment. The driver called late afternoon to say he was running late. After taking the twenty or so 3' x 3' boxes onto the loading dock, the rest of the employees left.

There I was, on a dock in a back alley in downtown Cleveland, in a not-so-calm part of town, pre-cell phones days, waiting, alone, eyeing the alley and building for someone to jump me. I really wanted to be anyplace else but there, and at that time of after hours. But I was the owner's daughter, and the pick-up had to be made. And, did I mention alone?

FINALLY, the truck pulled up. This stalky truck driver lumbered out, apologizing to me. I hardly looked at him to say "S'okay" as I bend over for a box. My adrenaline was shooting through me. All I wanted to do was to get out of there, fast.He barely had the back pulled opened before I started tossing the boxes to him. When the boxes were loaded, I turned to go.

The driver called after me, "You married?"

My heart raced harder as I thought... I'm alone, in a back alley. What does he want? Shoot! I thought of lying to him and saying, "Yeah, buster. I'm married to this big, strong guy who is... big, and... strong. So, watch it." But being stunned and stupid, I replied, "No."

He answered, "Well, when you do get married, you're going to be able to beat the hell out of your husband."

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