Monday, June 14, 2010

Snake Tale, Part I

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I used to be terrified of snakes. Then I learned to hold and pet them and call them "Fluffy."

Perhaps the funniest snake story I know of came from a pilot friend who lived in South Dakota. He says this really happened to him.

While overnight in Georgia, a bunch of his pilot buds and he decided to do some local night fishing in a swamp. they rented boats, took lanterns to draw the fish to them, as well as shotguns to protect themselves from alligators. One pilot didn't know how to swim, so decided to stick close to the shore, unlike his buddies who figured the fishing would be better further out.

Picture several rowboats, most with two men in each, scattered throughout the bay, the men quietly fishing in the dark. Think peaceful, calm, serene. Hear: BAM! as a single gunshot blast goes off. Everyone was silent, wondering, worrying. Then my friend heard a soft: "Help."

No alligator. No Deliverance. Seems that the guy in the boat close to shore was under a tree. From the said overhanging tree dropped a snake into the bottom of his rowboat. Being terrified of snakes, he shot it. Picture big hole in boat bottom.

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