Monday, January 10, 2011

How To Make Decisions

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My husband and I were watching a series on DVD. It was near bedtime. There were two episodes left in the two-year series. Should we be foolish and stay up to watch those two, or be wise and get ready for bed?

I was too tired to decide. Apparently, so was he. “Let’s flip a coin,” I suggested. Of course, neither of us had a coin on us, so that meant one of the potatoes getting off the couch just to find a coin to make a late night press-the-button-or-not decision.

On the table next to me was a clean dinner knife I hadn’t used for a snack. “I’ll flip the knife. If it lands on the rug pointing towards the TV, we’ll watch it; if it lands pointing towards us, we’ll go to bed.” At that very logical-to-me solution, there were some threats about what might happen to me and the knife if it landed in the flat screen, but I courageously flipped it anyway. So, how did it land? Exactly perpendicular, i.e., sideways.

I know how we interpreted that, but how would you have?

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