Thursday, March 31, 2011

National Humor Month – The Intro

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Today starts National Humor Month. Isn’t that fun? An entire month set aside to find amusing things in life. In fact, later this month, I will also be teaching workshops in Grand Rapids, MI, to middle school and high school students, titled, “Putting On Your Funny.” I’m ready!

When I was a K-2 (kindergarten through second grade) teacher, April First was a day I just set myself to endure. Kids came in and said things like, “Mrs. Carlson! You’re wearing two different colored shoes!” Of course, I’d look down, and they’d scream, “April Fools!” and roar with laughter. I’d dramatically roll my eyes and respond, “Oh, you got me.” Now when I write “endure,” I mean the ability to act like I’d been fooled for about another fifty times on that day.

One year as a fifth grade teacher, I had a particularly needy group of kids, some whom the police already knew by first name. Along comes the month of April. I told the kids that every day during this National Humor Month, we were going to take time for telling jokes or funny stories. This time their eyes rolled. I lifted a jar, and continued, “You may put in here jokes you find funny.” A couple of the needier kids immediately got out their pencils and started writing. I added, “The stipulations are: 1) They cannot have vulgar language or swear words, or any words you would not say to the principal; and 2) They cannot put down any person or group because of race, culture, or religion.” One boy crumpled his paper and threw his pencil across the room. I never bothered to even peek at the joke he’d started to write.

So now we roll around once more to National Humor Month. I’m no longer teaching elementary kids, and I no longer have little kiddles at home to pull pranks on me. But I do have this blog. (Ha!) Do I have 30 jokes I could share this month, one per day? (You betcha.) Am I going to do that to you. (What do I look like? A kindergartner? Don’t answer that.)

This month I shall ATTEMPT to follow through on the following:

Mondays – record amusing life observances
Tuesdays – Funny photo I’ve taken
Wednesdays – Fly in the Soup Jokes
Thursdays – YouTube or lol Internet links
Fridays - Personal Funny Family Stories
Saturdays - More Jokes

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