Monday, June 6, 2011

Tree Removal Humor

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A tornado went through our neighborhood a week ago. That wasn’t funny in the least. But there was no human loss, for which we were all very grateful. But the noise! Generators screeched all night long, and chain saws buzzed all day. Because there was no power, people worked from sunup to sunset.

At 8 p.m. a few days later, while trying to cut away at the base of our 60-year-old fallen oak suddenly the tree removal guys stopped their machines, even though there was another 90 minutes worth of daylight. It was eerily quiet.

My husband commented: “They stopped! I wonder if they got stumped?”


  1. Glad you are safe. Your post made me chuckle. If it were mine I'd probably give him a "thump". :D

  2. And YOU made me chuckle, Moe! Spread the funnies.