Saturday, February 18, 2012

iPhone Backbend

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With my new iPhone, there are no more lists on scraps of papers. In the grocery store, I can read the list off my iPhone and delete the item when it's in the cart. Simple.

Trouble is, I thought I'd be creative by having my hands free while shopping. That's not the trouble. The trouble is my attempted solution. I sewed a wool case for it. Fits perfectly. No problem there. I bought an eyeglass beaded chain to attach to the case. No problem there. BUT, if I lift the iPhone only partially out of the case with the chain around my neck, I found myself doing back bends in the store, trying to get far enough away to read the items. Only the case moved with me as I attempted to move back away from it. Very embarrassing.

I now carry it in my pocket, and STOP to look at the list.

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