Friday, July 24, 2009

Brainstorming How to Climb into a Boat

We have a small (19') cutty. I like to swim. It's getting back into the boat from deep water which is the problem. There is a 2-step ladder attached to the boat. My husband says if it weren't for the fact that the lower rung is neck-high in the water, that it would be easy. Agreed. That first step is the first step to dryness. He suggested a longer ladder. I suggested a slanted one with railings. Our son suggested a ramp. And then I thought of a crane, swinging out from the back of the boat and lowering into the water like an elevator. Our son said that if we got that, that he would be the one in charge of operating it. As I smiled at my dear offspring, I imagined what he would do with control of a swinging mommy over the water. I no longer thought it was such a grand idea. So... done with brainstorming. Off to boat and swim, and struggle back up into our cutty via the too-short ladder.

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