Monday, October 5, 2009

Cell Phone Phun, Pt II

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My poor hubby is sick. There's nothing funny about THAT. His throat is painfully sore, so he hasn't spoken in more than 24 hours. I told him I needed to get out of the house for a bit -- no, not because of him, because I like being outdoors and miss it when I'm not there. I assured him I had my cell phone with me, so if he needed me, he could call. About 10 minutes later, he did. I scrambled through the various pockets I wore -- Coat?... no; Vest... nope; jeans? yep, but couldn't get to it quickly because of the vest and coat. It was just a text msg, so I was okay. I opened my phone and saw it was from my DH. I didn't think anything could have gone wrong in that short of time. Maybe there was a caller who left a msg on the phone answer which I needed to respond to immediately. I looked at his short message. I held my arm out as far as I could. I placed the open phone on the ground for greater distance and squinted. I still coudn't read his msg without my reading glasses. I GUESSED what he'd written, and replied with one letter and one number. (Hey! I know how to text!) Then I turned around and hurried home.

He didn't greet me at the door, so maybe that was okay. He wasn't laying down in bed, nor on the couch with a quilt pulled over him. Ah-ha! The sickie was in the family room, playing Halo Wars! I grabbed my glasses and looked back at his msg: "Luv u!" My "U 2" reply had been appropriate, THIS time around.

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