Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not THAT Disease

Yeah. About 30 school buildings were closed last week around here as a result of H1N1 (of the swinish-type). There's nothing funny about that! (but read on)

Four years ago, I substitute taught in a 4th-6th grade school where nearly 30% of the kids were absent, along with 14 of the 17 teachers. During 6th grade geography time, we were reading about early American History, and how numerous Native Americans died of small pox. One kid raised his hand, and in all seriousness asked me, "Is that the disease our teachers have?"

(Okay. So I lied to the boy and told him "no." I mean, I didn't have any facts on the sick teachers, but was pretty certain they would be returning to school sometime soon, and did. I just made a point of opening the classroom windows for fresh air, and stayed out of the Teachers' Lounge.)

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